Car on commission

About the "Car on commission" service:

Our car dealership accepts passenger cars and minibuses of any brand, new and with mileage, both in good condition and with defects (after road accidents that require repair) on commission..

Car on commission - this is a service that is a real salvation for many car owners. Selling an old car is not so easy: first you need to submit an ad, then communicate with potential buyers, meet with them, wasting a lot of time. Modern people who value their time and want to sell their car as soon as possible use the services of the Karat-Avto car dealership, which provides car pickup services on commission.

Our main advantages are:
  • Active advertising campaign of your car;
  • Profitable lending programs, insurance of your car;
  • Safety of your car;
  • Professional pre-sale preparation of your car;
  • Direct re-registration of the vehicle to the new owner;
  • No costs for advertising, parking, car security;
  • Free consultations on technical and legal aspects of car sales.
Conditions for receiving a car for the service:

When accepting a car for sale, you must provide documents:

  • Certificate of registration;
  • General power of attorney (if you are not the owner of the car);
  • Own passport, identification code.

Between you and the "Karat-Avto" car dealership is formed:

  • Contract of responsible car storage;
  • Commission contract;
  • Act of acceptance of the vehicle for sale.